July 6, 2023
10 Safety for Travel Nurses When Exploring in a New Work Location
One of the great benefits of being a Travel Nurse is the opportunity to travel and explore different places. When exploring your new work assignment in a location you are not familiar with, we want you to always use common sense when deciding to venture out to see the sites and entertainment offered in your...
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Exploring Your New Location as a Travel Nurse
Travel nurses help hospitals and facilities with staffing issues and fill in temporary gaps in patient care. As a Travel Nurse,you will have the opportunityto reside, work, discover new places, and enjoy the various local customs when not working. It’s one of the best perks of being a Travel Nurse. Below, to get you started,...
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Med-Surge Nurses are in Demand Across the US
According to reports released by Nomad Health, a digital marketplace for identifying nursing trends, Med-surge and Emergency Room Nurses are the most in-demand travel nursing jobs. During the January 2023 behavior survey which included more than 80,000 clients the states travel nurses want to work in the most. The organic market information was captured to...
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