Med-Surge Nurses are in Demand Across the US

Med-Surge Nurses are in Demand Across the US

According to reports released by Nomad Health, a digital marketplace for identifying nursing trends, Med-surge and Emergency Room Nurses are the most in-demand travel nursing jobs. During the January 2023 behavior survey which included more than 80,000 clients the states travel nurses want to work in the most.

The organic market information was captured to help offices, government bodies, and other agencies comprehend the most recent trends in nursing, the effect it has on staffing, and to confirm the continued need for travel nurses.

At the top of the in-demand specialties list is Med-surge. It’s not a surprise because according to the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, Med-surge nursing is already known to be the top specialty in the United States. Hospitals and facilities have shortages and are seeking Travel Nurses to fill these positions.

According to the report, below are the in-demand positions ranked during Q1 2023.

  • Med-Surg: 17% of jobs
  • Emergency Department: 8% of Jobs
  • Step-down: 7% of Jobs
  • Med-surg/telemetry: 6% of Jobs
  • Medical ICU: 5% of Jobs
  • Telemetry: 5% of Jobs
  • Operating room: 5% of Jobs
  • Labor and Delivery: 2% of Jobs
  • Rehabilitation: 2% of Jobs
  • Psychiatry: 2% of Jobs

In Demand Job Reporting by State

In Demand Job Reporting by State

The report recognizes the states with the most Travel Nurse jobs in the United States. Their data collected shows the following:

  • Texas is identified as the top state for Travel Nurse job openings. Texas is a Compact State which permits medical caretakers to obtain/utilize multi-state licenses which accelerates the employment process.
  • California and New York both came in second.
  • Florida followed at third.
  • Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and North Carolina tied for fourth.
  • Maryland landed in fifth place.

Where Travel Nurses Want to Work

Where Travel Nurses Want to Work

  • California and Florida were the most searched-for assignments.
  • Texas followedas second.
  • New York, North Carolina, and Georgia made third place.
  • Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, and Massachusetts each also made the list as the fourth most desired location.

“In this rundown, we saw normal factors that make these states engaging for movement medical caretakers including an adequate stock of occupations, minimal expense of living, and great of life,” the report says.

Med – surge Nurse Requirements

Med-surge nursing is an extremely important nursing specialty zeroed in on giving care to patientswith clinical difficulties and those getting ready for or recuperating from surgeries. Most healthcare employers require certifications to work in their facilities as a Med-surge Nurse. They may include:

  • BLS and ACLS Certification.
  • PALS and addition certifications may be required based on the position and hiring facility.
  • Board Certified (MEDSURG-BC) or CMSRN will enhance your resume.

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