Navigating Skilled Nursing Survey Prep: Avoiding Tunnel Vision and Addressing Top Operator Deficiencies

Navigating Skilled Nursing Survey Prep: Avoiding Tunnel Vision and Addressing Top Operator Deficiencies

Prepare your Skilled Nursing Facility for Surveys.

The goal of every nursing facility should be to maintain a state of readiness for surveys daily. It is crucial to proactively consider the survey process throughout the year rather than waiting for the survey team to arrive at your facility. Implementing a best practice approach involves creating a Survey Book that includes all the necessary information requested by the survey team upon their arrival. The Survey Book should be easily accessible, well-organized, and regularly updated, with a minimum frequency of weekly maintenance.

When preparing for a survey, it is of utmost importance to avoid tunnel vision and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your skilled nursing facility’s operations. It is not uncommon to overlook deficiencies while focusing too much on other areas, which can result in incomplete assessments and potential citations from state agencies. To ensure a thorough examination of all aspects of your facility’s operations, consider the following key components to review frequently:

  • Policies & Procedures: Thoroughly review the facility’s policies and procedures, including safety protocols and infection control measures. Verify that these documents comply with the relevant regulations.
  • Patient Care: Evaluate the quality of patient care to certify that residents receive appropriate medical treatment and therapeutic services as outlined in their individual care plans.
  • Quality Improvement Process: Assess the facility’s quality improvement process to proactively manage risks, identify issues before they result in citations, and promptly take corrective action when necessary.
  • Staffing Levels: Ensure that staffing levels meet the state and federal requirements for your facility. Insufficient staffing can lead to violations of minimum care standards.
  • Medication Management: Review the processes related to medication management to ensure correct and consistent administration of all medications as prescribed by physicians.
  • Documentation: Verify the accuracy of all documentation, including medical records, admission forms, discharge summaries, progress notes, assessments, and treatment plans.
  • Equipment & Supplies: Evaluate the condition of both medical and non-medical equipment and ensure that an adequate supply is available to meet the needs of patients.
  • Environment: Evaluate the overall facility environment to ensure proper maintenance and the absence of potential hazards, such as epidemics, fire, electrical, or chemical risks.

Nursing survey preparation plays a critical role in evaluating the overall facility operations and quality of care provided. Carefully reviewing all aspects of the facility’s operations is essential to ensure compliance with applicable regulations, identify potential risks or issues, and deliver the highest level of care to residents.

Skilled Nursing Survey Prep

Understanding how to utilize different tools and resources available is also crucial for a successful nursing survey preparation process. Online training modules, educational webinars or seminars, and collaborating with expert consultants provide valuable insights into the latest regulations and trends. This knowledge empowers operators to identify and address potential deficiencies before they result in citations from state agencies.

Additionally, remaining up to date with recent changes and trends in regulations is vital in nursing survey preparation. Regularly reviewing updates on state and federal websites is necessary to ensure knowledge of new standards and requirements. It is very important to check before the survey visit for any newly implemented or revised policies since the last assessment. By staying informed, the facility can address deficiencies proactively to prevent them from resulting in citations.

Apart from surveying the facility itself, it is equally important to assess patient and family satisfaction with their experience at the facility. Utilizing surveys and interviews is an effective method of gathering valuable feedback, which enables the facility to identify areas for improvement and enhance resident care. This valuable insight can then be utilized to develop action plans, implement corrective measures, and track progress over time. Incorporating patient satisfaction surveys into the nursing survey preparation process enables facilities to meet the needs of their residents and improve their overall experience.

In conclusion:

By thoroughly assessing all the components involved in nursing survey preparation, operators can ensure regulatory compliance and the delivery of quality care for residents. Moreover, integrating patient satisfaction surveys into the process allows facilities to acquire valuable feedback, identify areas for improvement, and enhance resident services. Staying informed about recent regulatory changes and trends, leveraging online training and educational resources, collaborating with expert consultants, and ensuring documentation is up to date are all essential steps in achieving successful nursing survey preparation.

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