Nursing Necessities: The Essential Top 10 Tools for New Grad Nurses

Nursing Necessities: The Essential Top 10 Tools for New Grad Nurses

As a new graduate nurse starting your career in healthcare, it’s important to have the necessary tools to provide the best patient care possible. From stethoscopes to digital charting aids, there are essential pieces of equipment that will empower and support you in your role. Your nursing toolbox is the key to success, so make sure you have everything you need to make the most of each day.

Although certain hospitals and healthcare facilities provide equipment to their staff, it’s recommended to have your own basic work supplies to be fully prepared for any medical situation that may arise. With ongoing pandemics, it’s even more important to reduce the risk of personal contact with items that others have touched or used.

To help new graduate nurses start their careers, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tools.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): As a new nurse, it’s crucial to have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) readily available. Even though employers are responsible for providing PPE, it’s wise to have your own just in case of shortages in your hospital or healthcare facility. Different types of PPE include face masks, respirators, face shields or goggles, isolation gowns, gloves, and more. For more information on the correct methods of wearing PPE and the different types available, it’s recommended to consult the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  2. High-Quality Stethoscope: An essential tool for every nurse. It is necessary to have your own personal stethoscope when working in hospitals and clinics. With plenty of options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Investing in a high-quality stethoscope from a reputable brand may seem expensive, but it is a must-have addition to your toolkit.
  3. A Quality Blood Pressure Cuff: It’s useful to have your own equipment to take with you when making rounds, especially if supplies are limited at the work location. You never know when manually checking blood pressure may be necessary
  4. A Sturdy Bag or Day-pack: A work bag should be both practical and stylish, with compartments for all essentials without being too bulky or cumbersome to carry. It doesn’t have to be large or extravagant, but it should be able to hold your gear, lunch, and water bottle for convenience.
  5. Books & Reference Materials: As a new grad nurse, it is helpful to have lab values, nursing report sheets, and dosage calculation sheets as quick references. Electronic versions of these documents can be downloaded for easy access.
  6. Penlight: A penlight is a great tool for nurses to use when assessing small areas of the body.
  7. Smart Footwear: Are you aware that nursing shifts usually last for 12 hours? To prevent sore, tired, and blistered feet after their shifts, it’s important for nurses to have high-quality footwear. Neglecting this discomfort can result in chronic back and joint pain. You can add comfortable footwear to your bag.
  8. Notebook and Pens: You may not always have access to a computer to document patient information. Keeping a notepad handy can assist in recalling vital details about a patient’s health.
  9. Bandage Scissors: In medical environments, specific scissors are used to safely cut dressings, bandages, and tape without damaging the skin. These scissors are particularly useful for emergency room nurses who need to remove clothing or cut tape. It is essential to thoroughly clean and disinfect the scissors after each patient’s use.
  10. Clinical Calculator App: A clinical calculator app can quickly calculate medication dosages and other important values on the go.

Essential Top 10 Tools for New Grad Nurses

It’s also a good idea to pack additional items in your personal bag for work. Things like Tylenol, snacks, a water bottle, a thermometer, and a toothbrush can come in handy. If you’re not sure what else to take, you could ask experienced nurses for their suggestions. Over time, you’ll figure out which items are most important for you to have on hand.

As a new nurse, it’s important to be well-prepared. While all your tools are necessary, your knowledge is the most crucial tool you possess. And the more you learn, the better care you’ll be able to provide for patients. To stay current with the latest developments in nursing, attend conferences and connect with other professionals in your field. With the right tools and knowledge, you can ensure success.

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