As a Job Hunter or Recruiter, you never know when or where you will meet someone that can help you get or fill a job. Handing out a business card puts your information right into someones pocket. It may seem simple, but it’s away for the holder of the card to remember you. Don’t forget to say exactly what you do, what you’re expert at, or services you offer. You want to be remember for what you do and have to offer.

A friend of mine told me that one day while out or breakfast he met an Accountant who was studying for their CPA test. He noticed the books she was reading as books he had used to study for the exam. A conversation struck up and he found out she worked for a major firm that was actively looking for CPA’s. He gave her his business card. A few days later my friend received a call from the company recruiter and later landed the job. Business cards still work and you should always carry a few with you.

3 reasons you need a business card when job hunting

1. Networking
Whether you are at an Interview, Job Fair or just hanging out with friends…you never know when you will meet someone that can help you in your job hunt. Having that convenient little piece of paper in your pocket to hand out can open doors.Just because it appears most recruiters searching or new candidates online it doesn’t mean that that’s how they find every candidate. More than a few times, I have met someone at a networking event where I passed my card along to someone and they passed it on to someone else who called me about a job. Without placing that business card in someone hands I probably would not have been called. Be prepared. Have a business card ready to hand out.

2. Two: Connecting
Handing someone you meet a personal business card is a great way to connect and make it easy for people to get back in contact with you. I keep a stack of business cards on me because I never know who I may meet along the way. Plus, folks these days don’t always have a pen handy or know how to capture your number quickly on their smart phones. Make sure someone can get back to you or give your information to someone else. Have your business card ready to hand out.

3. Professionalism
Although it is acceptable to write you information down on a scrap of paper and hand it to someone that you think can “open a door” for you it’s not the best way for them to remember you. Having a business card to hand out is the little touch that lets them know you are professional.

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