Workforce Forecasting – What Your Company Needs to Know During Change

Every company large or small must know what workforce is required to make the company succeed. Coming up with a figure of exactly who, what skill level, and how many employees that is stabilizing while making your company profitable is key.

There are many formulas and programs available that have been developed to help companies do just that. All one needs to do is search “workforce management and forecasting” and hundreds of sites pop up.

However, with Covid 19 and all the changes that have taken place in the business world, many of those formulas no longer apply.

Companies are scrambling to develop new systems to address new concerns. Social distancing has caused some companies to stagger work times. Retailers are laying off face-to-face workers and employing more call center workers. Some companies are employing 100% work-from-home staff.

And workforce needs are changing daily. Companies who are not adaptable have no ability to establish current workforce needs, let alone forecast future needs.

Changing Business Models

In order to adapt, the first thing businesses must do is to understand how this crisis has affected their business and how best to capitalize on emerging trends. There will be new skills needed and possibly new departments to staff. Many HR departments are familiar with the companies needs prior to Covid19. But do they know how to approach the changing needs? The new positions must be well defined. Job duties, levels of expertise and pay scale must be detailed and analyzed. How will the changes affect the company? What does your company need and for how long?


With all these changes, you need to focus on what you need. Then there is the challenge of getting those positions filled. Employing a staffing agency can help you in the “How.” A great Staffing firm will be able to take the “What you need” and find the right people to fill these new and critical positions. Many staffing firms have a wealth of knowledge on the new requirements of business. And they have employees ready to fill those positions. And because business will continue to change, using a staffing firm for temporary contractors gives you the flexibility your company must have at this time. From recruiting and onboarding to payroll and compliance, a staffing agency can help you to fill your needs now and set the basis for workforce forecasting for the future.

The need is great and hiring a Staffing Agency that specializes in Changing Staffing Solutions is the key.

Choosing a company that specializes in Healthcare Staffing can help during these difficult times.

MetaSense Inc. stands above the crowd inspecialized Healthcare Staffing with a network of Healthcare Professionals ready to work across the country.

MetaSense Inc. looks at your company and current staffing needs and we know how to recruit, fill and onboard the staff that are needed the most.

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