Veterans: Use this chart when crossing over your military career to a civilian position. When speaking to Recruiters talk about your civilian career level. This list is not exclusive , but definitely a starting point. Get the job!


Military Ranks

Military Title

Civilian Career Level

E7- to E9 Sergeant First Class, Navy Chief Petty Officer, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Senior Chief, Sergeant Major, Fleet Master Chief Executive, Director, Supervisor, Senior Manager, Operations Director, Advisor
E4 to E6 Corporal, Specialist, Petty Officer Third Class, Sergeant, Petty Officer Second Class, Staff Sergeant, Petty Officer First Class Assistant Manager, Line Supervisor, Section Leader, Task Leader, Supervisor, Foreman
E1 to E3 Private, PFC, Seaman Recruit, Seaman Apprentice Production Worker, Assembler, Technician, Assistant, Apprentice, Team Member

Military Ranks

Military Title Civilian Career Level
O7 & Above Brigadier General, Major General, LT General, General, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral President, Senior Director, Chairman of the Board, Managing Director
O5 & O6 LT Colonel, Colonel, Commander, Captain President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Program Director
O4 Major, Lieutenant Commander Vice President, Department Head, Program Manager, Senior Advisor
O1 to O3 Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade Executive, Vice President, Administrator, Manager, Supervisor, Superintendent, Project Officer


Warrant Officer

Military Rank

Military Title Civilian Career Level
WO1 to WO 5 Warrant Officers Executive, Director, Specialist, Facilitator, Technical Manager, Technical Specialist

Thank you for your service!