Top Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency to Find Top Talent in 2020

Unemployment is at an all-time low. So, finding top talent to fill your open positions is becoming more difficult. More effort and resources are being used and the cost of finding these candidates is almost unmanageable for many companies.

In 2019, many companies chose to outsource their hiring needs to Staffing Companies. And in 2020, utilizing a qualified and experienced Staffing Agency to fill positions will become the norm for most companies.

Staffing Agencies have the contacts, knowledge and resources to understand your needs in order torecruit and hire the right people for your team.

The benefits of using a Staffing Agency are many. Here are just a few.

Save Money

The biggest misconception about hiring a Staffing Agency is that it will be too expensive. But with the costs of finding qualified candidates increasing exponentially, using a Staffing Agency will save you money.

Staffing Agencies handle every area of hiring. From writing professional job descriptions to onboarding of candidates, Staffing Agencies handle it all. Your company profits from focusing on your products and services. Anything that takes away time from generating profits, cost you money.

Bad hires and turnovers hurt your company’s bottom line. Staffing Agencies are experts in finding qualified candidates and will walk them through your compliance process seamlessly. This will insulate you from the costs of bad hires and turnovers which, in turn, will save you money.

Save Time

You have an opening at your company. First, you need to write a comprehensive job description. Then you have to post the job on job sites. You search through all the resumes and pick the top few for interviews. When you choose a candidate, you need to then get them through compliance. Initiating a simple background check can take a lot of time. Then you must walk them through filling out all the company forms, set them up in payroll and complete an orientation.

This process can take over three weeks to complete. This takes time away from other work you should be doing.

Having to take time to go through this process each time you need to hire can be like reinventing the wheel. Each time, you must stop what you are doing and spend your valuable time on a hire.

A Staffing Agency will do all this work for you. This is what we do every day. We have all the resources to expertly recruit, hire and onboard each candidate.

Get Top Talent

Staffing Agencies understand and have specialist in all industries. They know how to uniquely find and approach the best talent in your industry. They know how to qualify every candidate to meet your exact needs. Staffing agencies are able to communicate with those looking to fill the top positions. Because competition for top talent has increased due to low unemployment, understanding the candidate is integral.

Staffing Agencies know how to evaluate resumes, what interview questions to ask and how to qualify a candidate to match your job requirements.

Many experienced Staffing Agencies have outstanding reputations that are sought out by candidates. And when a client utilizes their services, strong relationships are built between Staffing Agency, client and candidate.

Fill the Position Quickly

Because Staffing Agencies have a proven system in place, they can more quickly and efficiently fill positions. Without a staffing agency, you must stop what you are doing and go through the hiring process. You must rearrange your schedule and work to fit in the posting, the review, the interviews, etc.

Staffing Agencies have the resources, the contacts and the relationships that are all put into a system that makes the hiring process happen in a fraction of the time.


Do you need seasonal help? Are you looking to temporarily hire a fill-in employee? Even if only for a short time hire, you must go through the full hiring process to bring these employees on.

Staffing Agencies have built networks of these candidates. From contractors to seasonal employees, Staffing Agencies can easily find and process the candidates that fit your exact needs. They do it quickly, saving you time and money.

There are some positions where the employee needs to prove themselves on-the-job. Using a staffing agency to find this worker gives you the flexibility to use the temp-to-hire option to evaluate the candidate’s skills and how they fit into your company.

Staffing Agencies have the resources, the contacts and the relationships that are all put into a system that makes the hiring process happen in a fraction of the time.

The best part of these temp-to-hire employees is that the Staffing Agency handles their payroll, benefits and all HR issues. They are employees of the Staffing agency. And if desired by your company, can easily transition into a permanent hire.

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