Professional employees are rolling up their sleeves and letting their tattoo designs stick out in the workplace. Employers are not saying much if the tattoo designs are subtle and not showing on the face and neck. Plus, tattoo sporting employees can roll down their sleeves, put on a jacket or sweater and make the all important meeting with no tattoo designs showing.

Times may be changing but only a little. If you do decide to roll up your sleeves and show your tattoo designs, you will need to be careful and only give a sneak peak…everyone is not onboard with tattoos in the workplace.

The last company I worked for as the VP of Human Resources, listed tattoo as a “No-NO” in the handbook. And believe it, a company Employee Handbook outlining a dress code will hold up on most occasions in the courts. Until you know the culture of the organization you are working for and have read thier dress code in the Employee handbook, cover up.