Do I need to wear a tie to my Interview?
As an interviewer, I say, wear a tie. Like them or not it shows that you take the interview seriously, that you know how to dress on such an occasion, and it’s a sign of politeness towards the interviewers. The tie is, not always, but normally a standard for men job interviewing. Wearing a tie certainly won’t do you any harm, but not wearing one might shout you did not take the extra steps to make a great impression.

If your wearing one, make sure you have tied a simple great looking knot. Find a tie with a conservative look. If you need a pattern to go with your suit, make sure it’s soft and not distracting. Dark or grey based ties work best. Here’s short video to help you out when you tie your next tie.

So that you know how to tie a basic tie that looks good, I have included the video below. Watch it once, twice, practice, and I am sure you will choose and tie the best tie ever.

Good luck on your interview. Get the job!