Who Gets Your Resume? Job seekers want to know the “maddening mystery”…where does my resume go, who get’s it, and how do I know it was read…or did it wind up floating in cyberspace. Actually, it went exactly were you sent it. This information may not help you get your resume seen, but it’s always good knowing.

Initially, the employer will post the job on a “Job Board” such as monster.com, careerbuilder.com, indeed.com, or the many hundreds of other jobs boards out there. Once you hit the apply button, your resume will go through some form of formal technology or snail mail and end up in one of the following locations:

1. The reviewer’s email if you sent your resume to a direct email.

2. A designated inbox set up by the resume reviewer if they don’t want their main email box cluttered with tons of resumes.

3. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) if you filled out an online form. I will get into more details about the ATS in another post.

4. Directly into someone’s hand if you give it to someone. This way by far is the best way to get your resume seen and increases your chances of getting to the next step…a call or email response.

No Call, Email or Acknowledgement?

One of the biggest COMPLAINTS I receive is, “I didn’t hear back from anyone when I submitted my resume?” Unless the system the employer is using offers auto responding or they feel like writing a kind “I received your resume” note, you may never hear back. It does not mean your resume did not arrive at destination. It means your resume was not seen or not a match for the position.

So, what happen to it?

If your resume was submitted DIRECTLY TO A RECRUITER, it will be reviewed and set aside to one of the following categories

1. NO: Not a fit at all.
2. Maybe: Hmm…they have a few skills.
3. Possible: Have to think about this one.
4. Yes: This resume is on target. They may contact you.

If you submitted your resume information into an AUTOMATIC TRACKING SYSTEM it is stored forever, (as is) unless you update it or remove it.

1. Recruiters will search for qualified candidates by entering pre-determined position specific keywords into the query section of the ATS.

2. If your resume pops up, it will be identified and reviewed as above.

3. If your resume is in line with the position, the reviewer may contact you.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a job, keep sending your resume out everywhere you can. Make sure you are applying to jobs you are qualified for. When you least expect it you will get the call you have been waiting for.

Don’t give up!

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