Finding Qualified Applicants - How Staffing Agencies Can Help

Many companies across the country are now urgently trying to fill many key positions in response to changing business needs resulting from Covid 19. Because of the high demand for qualified workers mixed with a high rate of unemployment, the flood of applicants from any job posting can be overwhelming. In some specific industries though, a dwindling number of specialized applicants due to exposure-caused quarantine or illness has made the competition to fill these key positions greater than ever.

Companies who have only used internal hiring departments are getting overwhelmed. These departments not only have to assess the ever-changing staffing needs, they must list the positions, go through resumes, conduct interviews, and then do all the compliance and onboarding. Finding the most qualified applicants can be overwhelming. And all this must be done immediately and in a highly competitive market.

And then there is the added strain of Human Resource Management, Payroll and Benefits for all new hires. This can be extremely overwhelming to even the best run companies.

According to, “When unemployment levels are high, employers undoubtedly enjoy a “buyer’s market,” but may receive too many applicants who are not right for the position.”

More and more, companies are turning to staffing agencies to handle this overwhelming need to qualify applicants.

But not every Staffing Agency is the same. It is extremely important to find a Staffing Agency that specializes in Recruiting, Onboarding and Compliance. This will insure that all positions are filled quickly and with the most qualified workers. A great Staffing Agency has built relationships with highly qualified applicants in many different fields and can tap them to fill many open positions.

An agency that specializes in Professional Staffing has recruiters who understand the client’s needs and know how to properly screen applicants. These agencies also understand the detailed Compliance and Onboarding requirements necessary to get the worker started immediately.

Staffing Agencies can be used for permanent hire positions. However, using a Staffing Agency for temporary or temp-to-hire positions relieves the burden that comes with permanent placement hires while giving the company flexibility to adapt to the constant market changes resulting from Covid 19. The Agency will handle all payroll and benefits for the temporary, contracted hires.

The need is great and hiring a Staffing Agency that specializes in Qualified Recruitment is the solution.

Choosing a company that specializes Qualified Recruitment and placement can help during these difficult times.

MetaSense Inc. stands above the crowd inspecialized Staffing with a network of Professionals ready to work across the country.

MetaSense Inc. looks at your company and current staffing needs and we know how to recruit, fill and onboard the staff that are needed the most.

Is there a staffing need that may need some attention?

We look for ways to provide the Staff our clients need in order to fill needs quickly and efficiently in all areas. From administrative and claims, to IT and Healthcare professionals, MetaSense Inc. can help.


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