A friend told me they were looking for a full time job. They said they would sit every day spending hours combing the web for openings, filling out numerous online applications and uploading their resume. All of you that have been there know this process well. The sad thing is the didn’t receive any responses for weeks. Finally, she said self…something is wrong. That’s when she began researching and changed her plans. She contacted MetaSense Inc. They wrote her a get seen resume and the interviews started piling up. It was not that she was not qualified; the problem was no one was actually seeing her resume.

If you are a resume do-it-yourselfer job hunter, read these tips a few times and identify where you can make changes in your job hunting plan. Best thing is to contact MetaSense Inc. and get a professional to help you with your job hunt.

1. Save your Formal Resume for the Interview. Over embellished resumes are chewed up by the Applicant Tracking systems. Upload a content rich simplified resume.
2. Be sure to use keywords. Look at the job post and pick out keywords. Go back to your resume and add those keywords in the body of your resume.
3. Make sure it’s clear what you do. Recruiters scan resume quick. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments by using bold and underlining.
4. Apply for jobs you are qualified for. If you know you don’t qualify for a position don’t apply for it. It is a waste of your valuable to time to look for a position you are qualified for.
5. Sell yourself-Be your own Sales Person. “Toot your own horn”. Network to get the emails of the key Hiring Managers where you want to work. Craft and send an email of introduction with your resume attached. Ask for the job.
6. Be ready and willing to relocate. Expand out of your comfort zone and look for jobs in other cities where your skills are needed.

Realize it’s a buyers market. It’s not all about you.
It’s about the needs of the company and what they want.

Need help with your job hunt?

Contact MetaSense Inc. and get job hunting tools that will help you get the job.