February 1, 2023
About Compact Nursing States
Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) states are states that have entered into an agreement allowing nurses in one state to practice in states that are part of the Compact. This allows for a broadening of nurse mobility and improved access to care across states. The Nurse Compact is intended to increase access to healthcare by eliminating...
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Licensing Legislation – What Businesses Need to Know
Licensing Legislation plays an important role in the planning process and ownership of every business. It is important business owners understand Licensing Legislation, know how it affects their operations, research applicable local laws and regulations, provide Licensing Legislation awareness training to staff, and stay informed of any changes in legislation. Understanding Licensing Legislation helps businesses...
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Job Trends for Healthcare… What Jobs are Growing or Shrinking?
Healthcare job trends are constantly changing. While some jobs remain essential, others may be becoming obsolete as technology advances and new roles are created. To make informed decisions about your career path and future opportunities, it is important to stay current on healthcare job trends. Additionally, understanding what roles are growing or decreasing can help...
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